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free lawn size calculator

Lawn Size Calculator

One of the fundamental aspects of effective lawn care is understanding the size of your lawn accurately. Not only does this allow you to plan ahead for any DIY projects you take on, but it’s also crucial during our quoting process to ensure we’re pricing your lawn accurately! To make this process seamless and efficient for our customers, we are thrilled to introduce our free lawn size calculator! This tool allows you to calculate your lawn’s square footage by drawing directly on top of Google Maps satellite imagery.

Follow the instructions below to calculate your lawn size.

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Lawn Size Calculator Tips and Tricks

  • This lawn size calculator works best on desktop devices, but you should be able to manage on your mobile phone in a pinch.
  • For a basic lawn measurement, simply click on the four corners of your lawn.
  • For the most accurate measurement possible, drawn multiple smaller areas that cover only the grassy areas that need treated. (ie. don’t cover any homes/buildings with the measurement area)


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