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Disease Control

Lawn diseases can have a detrimental impact on the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Mastergreen’s Disease Control services are specifically designed to combat and prevent lawn diseases through the use of effective fungicides, ensuring a lush, vibrant, and disease-free lawn that you can be proud of.

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Benefits of Disease Control

Disease Prevention

Our Disease Control services provide proactive measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of lawn diseases. By implementing targeted treatments and using high-quality fungicides, we safeguard the health and longevity of your lawn.

Enhanced Lawn Appearance

Lawn diseases can cause unsightly patches, discoloration, and thinning of grass. By addressing these diseases, we restore your lawn's natural beauty, promoting lush greenery and an even turf appearance.

Preservation of Plant Health

Some lawn diseases can cause severe damage and death to your grass, resulting in a brown, patchy lawn. Our Disease Control services help protect your grass, trees, and shrubs from disease-related harm, preserving their health and vitality.

Expert Diagnosis

Our experienced technicians can accurately diagnose specific lawn diseases and identify the underlying causes. This allows us to tailor our Disease Control treatments to effectively target and eliminate the specific diseases affecting your lawn.

Our Lawn Disease Control Process

Our lawn care professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your lawn, evaluating its overall health, disease susceptibility, and any existing signs of lawn diseases.
Disease Identification
Based on our assessment, we will identify the specific lawn diseases present and determine the appropriate course of action.
Customized Treatment
Our team will develop and carry out a tailored Disease Control plan that includes the application of effective fungicides to target and eliminate the identified lawn diseases.
Follow-Up Care
We provide you with post-treatment care instructions, including watering and maintenance recommendations, to ensure the best results and long-term disease prevention.

Trust the Lawn Care Experts

Mastergreen Lawncare is a trusted provider of Disease Control services in Columbus, Ohio. With our expertise in identifying and treating lawn diseases, we deliver reliable solutions to restore and maintain the health and vitality of your lawn.

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Protect your lawn from devastating diseases.

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